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skylander series

Welcome, Portal Masters!

Welcome to skylander-fans one of the biggest Skylander-groups on deviantART!
We welcome any fans of Skylanders. Any Skylanders art is welcome.
So why not join today? Simply press the join button and let's fight side by side with the Skylanders in our quest for peace!


:bulletred: Sumbit to the correct folders! If you're unsure on what folder you should sumbit your artwork in, simply ask!

:bulletred: We welcome any artwork of any level, but something we do not welcome or accept is stolen art - It does not belong on deviantART or in our group.

:bulletred: Respect other members. Discussions among the members are fine, but please try to discuss in a polite manner.

:bulletred: Respect people that dislike Skylanders. They are entitled to their opinion and as long as they do not hurt you, there's no reason to hurt them.

:bulletred: Respect the admins. We do a hard work to make this group good. Our ears are open for anything you might be unsatisfied with, but in that case, tell us it in a friendly and kind way, and we'll fix it. There's no need for yelling or harsh words.


People who have donated to make the group even better ♥


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Okay. I'm writing this because It's becoming a problem on popular skylander ask blogs, and this particular ship is starting to become popular in the fandom. Ask blogs are getting filled to the brim with questions of shippings, where people are FORCING ships onto the characters, even if the owner of the blog has stated and made it clear that they DON'T SHIP IT. If you are one of the anonymous askers, you should be ashamed of yourself. Look at these for example, where two blogs are at their last nerve:……

NO ship is more important than another, and just because you dislike another ship someone has DOES NOT give you permission to shove your ship down their throats. Same goes for someone who doesn't prefer shipping at all.  If you feel the need to ship something so badly that you’re forcing it on someone and making someone uncomfortable who obviously doesn’t ship something to the point that their askbox looks like this, You are trash, please stop. You are making people UNCOMFORTABLE. If you are so desperate for this, keep it to yourself and fellow ship fans, don’t force it on others. It's not that hard to understand, I hope.

Is this understood?
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These are the admins. We're always open to answer some of your questions if needed!
If you have any questions about the group, the rules or just generally about the skylanders!









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WretchedKalamity Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
would I be able to submit a blog entry to premote a skylanders fanfiction I have been working on? I've noticed people do it before, but I prefer to ask first.

As in here:…
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okay out of all the groups i am in...
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GUESS WHAT I got trigger happy with my mouse and I accidentally submiited one or two of my drawings in the wrong folders Dx If you could put them where they belong that would be faaaabulous xD Ize sowwee eue :iconxd--plz: :peace:
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Ultimateportalmaster Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys there is something in my journal page that I think you guys will like a lot :)
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