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skylander series

Welcome, Portal Masters!

Welcome to skylander-fans one of the biggest Skylander-groups on deviantART!
We welcome any fans of Skylanders. Any Skylanders art is welcome.
So why not join today? Simply press the join button and let's fight side by side with the Skylanders in our quest for peace!


:bulletred: Sumbit to the correct folders! If you're unsure on what folder you should sumbit your artwork in, simply ask!

:bulletred: We welcome any artwork of any level, but something we do not welcome or accept is stolen art - It does not belong on deviantART or in our group.

:bulletred: Respect other members. Discussions among the members are fine, but please try to discuss in a polite manner.

:bulletred: Respect people that dislike Skylanders. They are entitled to their opinion and as long as they do not hurt you, there's no reason to hurt them.

:bulletred: Respect the admins. We do a hard work to make this group good. Our ears are open for anything you might be unsatisfied with, but in that case, tell us it in a friendly and kind way, and we'll fix it. There's no need for yelling or harsh words.


People who have donated to make the group even better ♥


Gallery Folders

.:I Just Wanna Die:. by Conor825-500
Skylander- Your The Chanpians by FalysyuB
.:What was I Thinking:. by Conor825-500
Through with the Spyro fandom stamp by BlueDragonKaiser
.:Sentinel Doomlander - Prepare for Trouble:. by Blizzard-Chill
Inktober #15: Imaginator Cyanide by Danny-Jay
The Adventurer by Lynnzl
Other Side Characters
.:Grandmaster Cami Flage:. by Blizzard-Chill
Jess by Lynnzl
.:Pandergast - The one and only:. by Blizzard-Chill
.:Sal - The Spotlight:. by Blizzard-Chill
.:Luminous Chibi - Candy Vampire.: by Blizzard-Chill
... And I am magnificent! by Sinister-Toaster
.:Kaos - Fear me and my awesomeness!:. by Blizzard-Chill
.:Chibi Luminous - Little Star:. by Blizzard-Chill
Stamps, Banners, Icons, Gifs Emoticons...
Skylanders Academy Fan Button by Shadatanish-Divine
:Point Commission: Spotlight Stamp by Ariel-Bunny
:Point Commission: Knight Light Stamp by Ariel-Bunny
Fan Characters
Hermalaya Rammstien Syd oct 2017 by blademanunitpi
Inktober day 26 by blademanunitpi
Inktober day 10 by blademanunitpi
Midnight Arrow 09092017 by blademanunitpi
Pairings, OCxCanon, CanonxCanon, OCxOC...
.:Couple Meme:Mags x Dr.Krankcase-A1:. by Blizzard-Chill
.:Couple Meme:Dr.Krankcase x Chef Pepper Jack-C1:. by Blizzard-Chill
A bond that can never break by The1stMoyatia
.:Couple Meme:Tuff Luck x Wildfire - A4:. by Blizzard-Chill
Skylander Minis
Stealth Elf 01142017 by blademanunitpi
Air Skylanders
Skylanders OCs Sugaroivern by Angelcamposthedragon
Life Skylanders
Camo by Winter-shadow35
Undead Skylanders
.:Fiesta - Frightful Day of the Dead:. by Blizzard-Chill
Earth Skylanders
Skylanders- Flashwing by Sia-the-Mawile
Fire Skylanders
Sunburn by GenoMorph
Water Skylanders
e c h o by Sinister-Toaster
Magic Skylanders
Inktober day 30 by blademanunitpi
Tech Skylanders
.:Bouncer -  Mummy:. by Blizzard-Chill
Light Skylanders
K.O K.O Little Star by T-b0
Dark Skylanders
.:My strength knows no equal - Nightfall:. by MzMadameDeath
Multiple Characters
Spyro: Character Love by spyroid101
SatFS Chapt 4 Pg 16 by DayDreamingDragon220
Skylander: SS Goku (skylanders X Dragon Ball) by Darkaxman
Skylanders by OoSanjinoO
Malefor - Skylanders Academy by BCtheBoss
RiP Stealth Elf by Sora498
Skylanders by Nanaki-Yamabushi


Hi there Portal Masters! Master Elliot here, just giving a quick heads up that I will be remodeling/changing the front page a little bit, cleaning things up and making it pretty! I'm hoping with the new game and Skylanders Academy out, the Skylanders fandom will become active and this group will get popular again!

As a side note, I am writing some rules for our group. Nothing too bad, but because of some recent submissions and people still having trouble with the concept of 'submit to the correct folders and don't be lazy', I think a small rules page is needed. The official rules page will be put up soon, and if you have any problems with the rules please give us your opinion! (hint: opinion. be nice to us pls.)

Have a good day!
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These are the admins. We're always open to answer some of your questions if needed!
If you have any questions about the group, the rules or just generally about the skylanders!









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TheRealWetWizard Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017  New Deviant
This group is just a joke right? right?
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MermaidNinja Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017
I wonder if any of the Skylanders would get airsick?
OrganizedNubMarilyn Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello am i aloud to upload this to the group?  Skylanders Nasty Face Meme by OrganizedNubMarilyn  i just wanna be respectful and ask beforehand
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ScrollkeeperJourney Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Attention! A new Skylanders group has opened, complete with a RP chatroom and everything!

ScrollkeeperJourney Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello!! My name's Journey, and I'm about to start a little fan series called Skylanders: Lightcore Elite. I was curious if there are any people out there who might be interested in adding their OCs into the stories. I have plenty of room to add them, and I think it'd be really cool to have a lot of OCs join together to protect Skylands!

If interested, please comment. Thank you for your time, take care Portal Masters!!! Wink/Razz
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